Pal Care Labs Bottles Packaging


Palcare Labs manufactures bottles like Prefilled Applicators, Vials, Airless Pump Bottles of various sizes, shapes, colours and formats.

Roll on Bottles

Roll-on bottles are convenient and are popularly known for their durability. There is a wide usage of roll-on bottles for oils. Palcare Labs provides you with customized roll-on bottles matching your colour preferences, printing designs, size specifications and so on. These plastic bottles are widely used for the packaging of balms. These roll-on bottles give a striking appearance to perfumes, liquid cosmetics and oils bottles. With our extensive knowledge in packaging, we create a unique product for you by observing the latest market trends.

Pump bottles

It is not easy to extract high viscosity liquid; therefore, pump bottles are an ideal solution. The pump bottles help in the prevention of the mess associated with high viscosity liquids. There lies a problem with high viscosity liquids; therefore a good packaging is the only solution. Not only are pump bottles convenient to use, but they also allow to manage the requirement of the high viscosity liquid. Palcare Labs manufactures and formulates pump bottles as you require.

Regular shape bottles

Palcare Labs manufactures and formulates regular shapes bottles as you desire. Before the packaging of any bottle, we consider three points which are:

  • What exactly is the product
  • Who will buy this product
  • How will people buy this product

Our primary focus lies on colour, font and logo, which represents the value of your product. Therefore considering these three factors, Palcare Labs continuously seek to incorporate them by observing the market demands.

Palcare Labs manufactures and formulates regular shapes bottles as you desire.

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