Tips to follow if your deodorant is not giving you the desired results

Tips to follow if your deodorant is not giving you the desired results

Is it hard for you to control your stinking smell?

It is a normal thing which happens with almost every one of us. The deodorant you are using might not satisfy you in a way that you want. Here are some tips to stay fresh all day if you haven't yet found the right deodorant.

Try to cut off old antiperspirant

If you have started using the deodorant with no, it's equally essential to eject old deodorants lying. With the continuous usage of aluminum, your body requires a little time for detoxifying and for normal regular sweating. It's best to put a clay mask for detoxifying or put charcoal for purification of the skin. Oiler skin takes more time in detoxifying because there is an overgrowth of bacteria resulting in more sebum production and more odour. It is good to use a mild toner if you are trying to switch to an aluminum-free deodorant. It might sound like a lot of work for you, but there is no need to hesitate. This will help you get rid of aluminum deodorant, and you will find in a couple of days that your body is sweating relatively less.

But first preparation of your skin is essential

Ever wondered why there is a stinky smell from your armpits after sweating? This is due to bacteria that grow on your skin and leaving a foul odour. It is a natural fact that the application of deodorant on skin that is not free of bacteria will lead to a more stinky smell. To make the best out of your deodorant, you should instead apply it to dry and clean skin. Take a good shower and cleanse your underarm area or you could instead use cleansing tissues and wipe down the skin before the application of the deodorant.

If your fragrance isn't giving you the expected results

Sometimes choosing a scent just because of your friend's opinion is quite disappointing. This is because when you apply a fragrance directly onto your skin, it blends with your body to create a chemistry that is entirely yours. Often it happens your expectations and reality don't match. It takes time to choose among several options, and figuring out what is best for you is not an easy task at all. And if you are confused and it's difficult for you to find a scent going for the unscented is the best option; it makes you feel fresh all day long.

If you allergic to any ingredient

How your body reacts to a particular product depends on the way it smells. There is a possibility that you may be allergic to an ingredient that is present in the deodorant. Although there might not be a significant reaction, it would still affect the smell of your body as your body is eradicating the ingredient to which it is allergic. If your skin is extremely sensitive and you are unsure about which deodorant to pick up, going for the ones with natural and soothing ingredients such as aloe-vera is the best choice you can make.

Maybe the product you chose is not suitable for your body

If any of the tips mentioned above is not working for you, then this is the time to switch to a new product. Palcare Labs have a wide variety of deodorants to choose from, which can be customized according to your exact specifications and requirements.