Elements to be taken care of while purchasing any beauty product

Elements to be taken care of while purchasing any beauty product

Have you ever noticed or observed the list of elements used in beauty products? While some of the synthetic ingredients are safe, there is a usage of toxic elements as well. It's hard to believe, but it's entirely legal for companies to use those toxic elements. Be it makeup, hair care or deodorants, there is the possibility of harmful ingredients used in the products.

Therefore consumers need to do extensive research before applying any makeup or hair care product. Little of these harmful elements can be dangerous. But if haircare and personal care products can be made without toxins so why take the risk?

If you want your skin and hair to be safe from potentially harmful substances, read to have a clear idea of which products you should purchase according to your skin and hair types.

No aluminum:
Often there is the usage of aluminum in deodorants for stopping sweat from the underarms area. It has been found that the use of aluminum increases the chances of diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer's Several aluminum-free antiperspirants in the market give you the desired results. If you have been using aluminum deodorants, switching to safe deodorants is a better choice you can make. Palcare Lab's antiperspirants are completely alcohol and paraben-free, which works in any weather.

No Phthalates:
Phthalates are binding agents. Therefore, there is the use of phthalates in shampoos, hair sprays and traditional fragrances and deodorants. While using any of the products, be sure to choose the company that publishes the whole list of its ingredients as phthalates are more likely the reason for high blood pressure and reproductive instability.

No Coal Tar:
Dandruff shampoos, fabrics, hair dyes with darker colours and fabrics consist of ingredient coal tar. The Food and Drug Administration clearly states that coal tar is a safe ingredient when used less than 5%. For a condition like Psoriasis, coal tar shampoos are recommended for a better scalp. But if you are not facing any of the scalp-related issues, it is not advised to use coal tar shampoos. If you apply colour to your hair, go for the hair dyes containing no coal tar or use Food and Drug Administration-approved hair dyes.

No Parabens:
Makeup products, shaving creams and even moisturizers consist of parabens that cause hormonal and reproductive imbalance and even severe diseases such as cancer. As paraben is not an essential element, it is best to purchase paraben-free products.

No Lead:
Lead adversely impacts the kidney and nervous system. That's why several years ago, there was the removal of lead from gasoline. The question that arises is why is lead still used in lipsticks? There is a significant quantity of lead in lipsticks, body lotions and even eye shadows. According to Food and Drug Administration, traced amount of lead causes no trigger but going for lead-free lipstick is the wisest decision you can make.

No Triclosan: Triclosan can fight bacteria. Therefore, it is used in pesticides and serves as a great cleanser. But sadly, we can see that it is widely used in personal care products as well. Because of the safety measures in 2017, Triclosan was banned in soap and cosmetic products. That is why American companies also deliberately removed Triclosan for safety measures. Countries like Canada still permit brands to produce soaps that contain Triclosan. Therefore whenever you visit abroad, take preventive steps and thoroughly go through all the ingredients mentioned in the product label.

Simply going through the product label so that you do not come in contact with the harmful ingredients is what you can do on an individual level. A little research can give you confidence that you are not using toxic ingredients onto your hair and skin.